Amie Lena (alena____x) wrote in amies_unite,
Amie Lena

Hey! I'm an "Amie", definately. Heh. This community amuses me alot. Yay for us Am/y/ie/ee/i/etc's!

Fortunately I'm a girl, otherwise I'd be "Benjamin". Eck.
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Deleted comment

Haha, well, Marc isn't too bad! But Amie is the best. :p Not that I'm biased or anything...>.>;
Welcome, AMIE! I'm AMY!

And yes... we do have such an enlightening name, no? EVERYONE wishes they could be an AMY/AMIE/AIMEE. But like the ol' saying goes... "The Few. The Proud. The Amie's."

Haha, I like that old saying... :-D Nice to meet you Amy, I'm Amie, and welcome to the cool club (even though there aren't many posts).