Sequestered Court Jester (amyliscious) wrote in amies_unite,
Sequestered Court Jester


This community seems pretty much dead, but I will post anyways....

I'm an AMY too! Although I'm not as ultra-rad as the rest of you, with cool Amy spellings and whatnot, I think I am still worthy of being here.

Besides, things could be worse. I could have been born a boy... in which case, my parents said they were going to name me RALPH JOSEPH.

*gag* *puke* *hide*

Have a good one, ya'll!
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hahaha welcome! My parents almost named me Heather. I have nothing against the name, but I'm too much of an Amie. And if I was going to be a boy, my name would have been Keith. Now that name, I have a problem with.
Thanks for the welcome, doll! Heather's not too bad... It's a totally 70's name though. HAHA! When I hear the name Heather, I instantly think of girls with feathered Farrah Fawcett-type hair, chewing bubble gum, and bee-bopping around on roller skates!

I was almost Julia Lynn. Lynn is a family name... both my older sister's have Lynn as their middle name, as well as a plethora of my cousins. (even one of the boys!!! TROY LYNN!)

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Thanks AMIE!

Yeah, Marc David is ok... I'm sure there are much worse names than that though. :-)